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Wintertime Brings New Risks for Hospital Personnel

Working in a hospital requires vigilance. There are infection risks, toxic chemicals, and fire hazards. But the dangers also extend to simply walking across a parking lot or taking a seat in a cubicle or office. Winter is approaching and with it … [Read More...]

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Fight the Fat: Join Co-workers in the Healthy Holiday Challenge

A cup of egg nog contains 556 calories. No wonder the man in the red suit is so jolly. While Americans have been bombarded with statistics about weight gain over the holidays, a study printed in the New England Journal of Medicine in March 2000, … [Read More...]

Performance Incentive Key

It’s a Bonus: UCHealth Board Approves Incentive Payout

Some 12,600 employees across University of Colorado Health will have a little extra spending money for the holidays after the system’s Board of Directors approved a performance incentive payout at its Oct. 28 meeting. The payout, totaling more … [Read More...]

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Ready for Ebola Patients – Whether or Not They Come

A month after the first person was diagnosed with the Ebola virus in the United States, University of Colorado Health continues a sweeping effort to prepare should a suspected Ebola case arrive at its doors. The work includes regular updates to a … [Read More...]

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UCHealth Looks to Build a Sustainable System

A now-familiar maxim in the health care industry holds that hospitals and other providers must become more efficient to prosper in a world of rising costs and shrinking resources. Discussions about how to do that frequently focus on workflow, … [Read More...]

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Dan Rieber Dubbed CFO of Memorial Hospital

Dan Rieber, who has been instrumental in helping Memorial Hospital show dramatic financial improvement, has been named vice president and CFO of the … [Read More...]

Rachael Flatt is the 2010 U.S. national figure skating champion, 2008, 2009 and 2011 national silver medalist, and 2008 World Junior Champion. She hopes to become an orthopedic surgeon,and recently shadowed Dr. Mindy Siegel at Memorial Hospital Central.

Memorial Roundup: Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner; Discounted Hockey Tickets; Ice Skating; and more

Hurry to Get Discounted Tickets to Football, Hockey Memorial Hospital employees can take advantage of reduced ticket prices to two upcoming sporting … [Read More...]