Standardized Protocols Screen for Possible Onset of Sepsis

Almost everyone has had a kidney infection, an ear infection or strep throat in their lifetime. Most often, the infection remains localized and patients get better. But when the infection causes the body to mount a systemic inflammatory response, there’s considerable cause for concern. The patient has sepsis. Though sepsis isn’t well known among everyday […]

Memorial’s Celebrating U and Daisy Award Winners Announced

Nurse Debbie Yarra spends her time at HealthLink calling patients who have recently been discharged from Memorial Hospital to ask a few questions, build rapport, and make sure the patients are OK. Yarra, a nurse since 1986, recently called a patient. After asking a few questions, she became extremely uncomfortable with the man’s responses. The patient […]

Memorial Caregivers Race to Improve Heart Care

During a heart attack, minutes mean muscle: Faster than ever, Memorial Hospital’s team of caregivers is assessing patients who may be having a heart attack. Within minutes of arrival to a Memorial Emergency Department, patients with chest pain or discomfort are hooked up to an EKG, a machine that measures heart rhythm. In most cases, […]

Perioperative Service’s ‘Slicer’ Honored at Summit

When the leaders of Perioperative Services from each of UCHealth’s regions came together in December 2013 for a Rapid Improvement event, they learned quickly that each region reported data differently. Even definitions of the metrics were different. They needed a new tool to collect data, one that would help drive operational, clinical and strategic decisions […]

Ready for Ebola Patients – Whether or Not They Come

A month after the first person was diagnosed with the Ebola virus in the United States, University of Colorado Health continues a sweeping effort to prepare should a suspected Ebola case arrive at its doors. The work includes regular updates to a deep collection of information on the system’s intranet, periodic email updates from Chief […]

New DEA Restrictions: Preparations for Hydrocodone Reclassification

Effective Oct. 6, providers at University of Colorado Health facilities will no longer be able to phone or fax prescriptions for hydrocodone-containing drugs to in-house or retail pharmacies. The decision comes in the wake of a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) ruling Aug. 22 that reclassified the drugs – which include Vicodin and a host of […]

Energy Flows Where the Attention Goes: Focus on Safety

At a recent Lunch and Learn, Laura Rogers, director of emergency departments at Memorial Hospital, asked this question: “When you get in your car and you don’t put your seat belt on, does it feel funny?’’ Heads nodded in the audience. “It really does feel funny because it has become far more of normal feeling […]

More than a Dozen Memorial Physicians Named “Top Docs”

Colorado Springs Style magazine, in its September issue, honored 18 Memorial Hospital-employed physicians as “Top Docs’’ in southern Colorado, and one of the physicians – Dr. Ingrid Sharon, a breast surgeon, was featured on the cover of the magazine. Sharon was featured on the cover because she generated the most votes among her peers. This […]

HealthLink Nurses Help Keep Readmissions Low

Every day, Robin Kimble, a nurse who works at HealthLink, picks up the phone and makes friendly calls to patients who have recently been discharged from Memorial Hospital. Kimble calls to ask patients how they are feeling and whether she can answer any questions, then goes on to ask specific questions related to their disease […]

Memorial Star Transport Earns Reaccreditation

The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) awarded the Memorial Hospital transport system, Memorial Star Transport, a full three-year accreditation. The accreditation recognizes that Memorial Star Transport, a rotor wing and ground transport service, provides highly skilled flight nurse/paramedic and nurse/respiratory therapist teams to care for adult, neonatal, pediatric and obstetric patients. Memorial […]