Editorial Staff

Erin Emery, Senior Communications Specialist.

Erin is a 25-year newspaper veteran and former Denver Post reporter who won national awards for her investigative journalism. She came to Memorial Hospital in 2008 and writes for the hospital’s Peak Living magazine and other publications and assists with media relations.

She can be reached at erin.emery@uchealth.org or by calling 719-365-1288.

Melissa Blevins

Melissa joined Memorial Hospital in 2013 to support the hospital’s marketing and communications needs, including writing for the Insider. Before joining Memorial, Melissa was writing and editing publications, speeches and advertising materials for a local university.

She can be reached at melissa.blevins@uchealth.org or by calling 719-365-9643.

Paula Freund, Media Relations Specialist.

Paula joined Memorial in 2013 as media relations specialist and serves as the hospital’s chief spokesperson. She strategizes external communications and maintains a strong relationship with media and community partners. Previously, Paula worked as a newspaper editor and reporter and most recently served as press secretary to the mayor of Indianapolis.

She can be reached at paula.freund@uchealth.org or by calling 719-365-2878.